Social house "Children's village"

„Rehabilitation-training centre for children and youth 
in the state of crisis - Children's Village"
For the space of 10 years, our organization gives social help for neglected children. 
In the beginning, this help consisted of the preparation of warm meals for children and teenagers, who are living in manholes, heating pipes and in the basement of the city. Also, our help concluded conversations, elementary medical aid and the handing out of warm clothes.
We have studied the communities of the street kids in different regions, their destinies and needs, we became acquainted with the children in the streets and with the real conditions, that they life in. With our own eyes, we saw the places, where these children pass the nights: in basements, manholes and lofts. The children told us about how they hold out, about what they are doing, how they lived earlier, and how they would like to live in the future.
In testing a quantity of helping methods for neglected children, we came to the decision of
organizing the „children´s village“ - a rehabilitation-training-centre for children and youth, who are not able to deal with their problems on their own in the present stage.
We gained a house in a remote area of the town, chose a working concept, developed a regime and worked out the rules for living in this centre. We did several actions in the purpose for providing the financial and material resources for the
centre (collection of donation, beneficial concerts and actions, searching for constant sponsores). Most of our young clients are children, that their parents don´t take care of, and that have lived in the streets for 3-5 years. The usual solution to the problem is to put them into an orphanage or boarding school – which in many cases doesn´t appear to be effective. For these children, it is difficult to adapt to a general way of living in such institutions, and because of this, they run away from the boarding schools and return to the streets, which they´re more used to, and which seems to be safer for them.
Many of them expose themselves to violence in the streets and in their families. It needs a long,
difficult and individual work of psychologists in order to give a child its normal life back.
This work, we can provide in our centre. The target of our work is to create an effective helping system for neglected children and teenagers. The rehabilitation-training-centre is the first step of creating such a system. We´re against the creation of huge institutions, in which children live like in reservations. The main idea of our centre is to give a child a real home and family instead of an orphanhood or dirty basements. The principles, that our work is based on, is a respectful attitude to the child, to his desires and needs, the maintenance of his rights, the absence of force, and giving essential help to a child, if it is willing and disires to receive help.
We´re open for the co-operation with everybody, who understands the necessity of solving problems of neglected children on the basis of humanity and non-violence.
Nowadays, the centre is kept by the charity donation of business men. Ten children are able to stay in the centre at one time, who will pass the rehabilitation and the
adaption to society, if they are in need of our help. The centre is well provided with furniture, household goods and children´s clothing. Our basic needs are nutrition products, washing facilities, medicaments, teenager boots and construction materials.


Our address and bank details:

Social house "Children's village": 
Ukraine, Donetsk region, 86140, 
Makeyevka city, Hangenkovo settlement 
Kievskaja street, 2 
bank account: 260062101194 
in Makeyevka department of UKRSOCBANK