“M.ART.IN-club”, hereinafter referred as “Club” is a non-government youth organization working on the basis of the Constitution of Ukraine and Laws of Ukraine “About citizen’s association” and “About youth and children non-government organizations”.
Legal address of Public Organization “M.ART.IN-club”:
building 46, flat 160
“Zeleny” micro district
Donetsk region, Ukraine

1. Goal and tasks of the Club

Goals and tasks of Club’s activities are:
· joining of creative youth from our city (musicians, poets, artists etc.), difficult teenagers and socially active youth for joined prosocial activities directed at improvement of cultural and intellectual level of young people and organization of leisure time;
· Providing possibilities for intellectual and creative communication among young people form Makeyevka, also with similar youth organizations from the region, Ukraine and other countries;
· Creation “social support” for difficult teenagers;
· Contribution to organization of events (concerts, literature and poetry evenings etc.) directed at opening of creative potential of young people
· Creation of Youth Theater
· Contribution to increasing of level of knowledge among young people by means of creation of own publication, room for video, access to computer communications
· Contribution to job placement of young people
To solve statute tasks the Club may enter international non-government organization and associations, maintain direct international contacts and links, and conclude appropriate agreements.

2. Membership of the organization

Membership in club can be both individual, and collective.
Members of Club can be: creative youth of city, teenagers, youth creative collectives and other youth organizations of city (as collective members). Members of Club can be also representatives of cooperators, sponsors and other persons.
Members of club cannot be persons sharing antisocial ideas, using violence, propagandizing satanism.
The decision on reception in members of Club is accepted by general meeting of members (not less than 2/3 totals) from the statement Soviet of Club.
The exit from members of Club is carried out at personal desire of a member from the notice of Soviet of Club or under the decision of general meeting.

3. Rights and duties of members

Members of club have the right:
To receive any information connected to activity of Club;
To take part in actions of club;
To vote at decision-making on general meeting;
To act with various initiatives and the offers directed on the decision of authorized tasks;
From the sanction of Soviet of Club to use property of Club for the decision of authorized tasks.
Members of club are obliged:
In due time to pay a membership dues;
Carefully to use property of Club;
To conduct the vigorous activity for the decision of authorized tasks of Club;
To refuse application of violence over the resolution of conflicts.

4. Management and manual of club

Management of Club is carried out by Soviet of Club led by chairman of Club (or acting as chairman).
Supervising Soviet:
- Makes programs and plans of work of Club;
- Makes the industrial - financial plan, estimates of actions, and solves organizational questions of Club;
- Supervises work of all divisions of Club;
- Approves nominees in members of Club.
Soviet has the right to supervise decisions of chairman.
Chairman of Club is selected Soviet for the period of two years and coordinates work of Club according to the rights given to it:
- Represents Club in all organizations of any patterns of ownership and operates from its person without the power of attorney;
- Carries out general meetings Club on which questions of the organization and the contents of work are discussed;
- Makes and signs documents of Club of material - property character;
- Carries out the account of work of Club and represents when due hereunder reports on its activity;
- Supervises over the decision of personnel questions;
- Approves plans and programs of work;
- Makes of the decision on the organization, reorganization of the enterprises and branches of Club;
- Approves structure, staff, and plans expenditure;
- Provides carrying out by Club of actions according to the authorized plans and programs.

5. Financial and economical activity of club

Financial and economic activity of Club is conducted according to the annual plan authorized by Soviet.
The club has the right to open in the order established by the law the enterprises, branches and other formations intended for the decision of economic and social tasks according to the current legislation.
The means received as a result of administrative activity of Club, sponsor's investments, membership dues, and making its profit, can be used for the decision of tasks facing to Club, under the decision of Soviet and are allocated:
- On carrying out of various actions;
- Payment of work of experts;
- Purchase of the equipment;
- Payment of the economic, transport, traveling and other charges arising during work.
Property of Club belonging to it makes, buildings, constructions, the equipment, vehicles.
Own means of Club are at its disposal and to withdrawal are not subject.
For carrying out of the various works which have been not stipulated by the purposes of Club, the Club can conclude contracts and labor agreements according to existing quotations.
The club conducts book keeping and the reporting when due hereunder. The taxation is carried out according to the current legislation. The club brings all payments in the budget when due hereunder.
The control over financial and economic activity of Club is carried out by Founders and bodies of tax inspection.

6. Modification and additions

Changes and additions in the Charter are brought according to existing rules under the decision of general meeting of members of Club (not less than 2/3).

7. Liquidation and reorganization

The decision on liquidation and reorganization of Club is accepted by general meeting of members of Club and affirms Soviet of Club.
Liquidation and reorganization of Club is made in the order, stipulated on the basis of the Constitution of Ukraine and Laws of Ukraine “About citizen’s association” and “About youth and children non-government organizations”.