we are

Our mission: NGO MARTIN club helps children and women overcome consequences of difficult life circumstances, war, violence, helps them acquire resourcefulness and necessary social competences to change their lives for the better, thereby influencing the construction of the entire society.

Our vision: We strive to make the lives of children and women in Ukraine free and full of opportunities. We act based on the best interests of the child, for the growth of children in a safe family environment where their rights and personality are respected. We practice zero tolerance for violence. We influence the reform of the social system through association with civil society organizations

Our Key Values: Equality, Diversity, Inclusivity, Resilience.

Who are our Clients

Children in a womb, which has no reasonable means to protect them
Children under the age of 18, lacking the capacity to survive, secure family life, housing, adequate food, leading a risky lifestyle, exposed to violence in any form, suffering from loneliness, not having a positive emotional experience
Youth, leading a risky lifestyle, not having shelter, family support
Adults representing the interests of children from the target group
Organization representing the interests of children from the target group

Strategic tasks (for next 5 years)

To carry out the development of a local donors raising

Create a network of 3 social houses (1 – Rehabilitation-training center “Children’s Village”, 2 - farm - House for socially weak Youth, 3 - House for young mothers (with the minimum conditions for life, the maximum for the acquisition of social competence and the formation of human values based on Christian)

Realization of Grant Programs (Children’s rights network, volunteer programs, intercultural programs, which include children and youth at risk)

Development of local NGOs, network cooperation with NGOs and the State

The development of a competent team, capable of multi-faceted clients support, with the adoption of cultural features

Use of electronic reporting and accounting system

Logistics in a single stable system (combining various material and financial things and various activities)

 Development of five foster families