In the year 1996, in the centre for social services for youth, an initiative group of people was created: the “Indi-Klub” – a club for creative and social active youth. One of the founders of the club is the current manager Viktorija Fedotova.
In the year 1999, the necessity appeared to register the social youth organization. On October 6th in 1999, the creation of the organization “M.art.in-Klub” took place, and the organization was registered as an association of unified citizens. The abbreviation initially stood for the following:
M – music, ART – art, IN – independence. But in the present stage of its development, the
organization sees itself as:
M – молодежь (youth), A – активность (activity), R – равенство (equality), T – творчество
(creation), IN – инициатива (initiative).
The improvement of the position for children and youth began with dinners for street kids and musical actions of the organization, that attracted attention to the problems of homelessness and to youth problems.
In the year 2000, the organization felt the necessity of creating a centre for the rehabilitation of children, who are going through difficult situations. Accordingly, a conference of the organization took place and the decision was made to create a rehabilitation-training-centre (RTC) for children in the state of crisis: the “Children’s Village”. As a result, the rehabilitation centre is working, now, and has become a primary focus of the organization.
In the year 2000, the organization began to acquire resources for the realization of the prescribed activities: Written proposals for grants in order to fulfill several projects, fundraising activities, actions, and partnerships with other organizations.
Nowadays, the social youth organization “M.art.in-Klub” serves as one of the leading organizations in Makeevka, that work on the problems of children and youth. It’s a stable organization, which has eight years of experiences in accomplishing socially useful work and different kinds of projects. It has an office and the technical basis for the fulfillment of the prescribed activities. Professionals are working in the organization: pedagogues, psychologists and journalists. Also, it has serious support of young people, who see the sense of life in helping children and who decide to become pedagogues. Organizations of the regions of Donetsk and Lugansk appear to be stable partners, and also the service on business for minors in the city of Makeevka, the department on business for family and youth, the department for health care, and other organizations in Makeevka.