We express our heartfelt gratitude to our donors and benefactors.

From your help, our work develops.

With a prayer for you and your families,

Main donors for all work years. 


  • UNDP
  • IRC
  • Dobra Fabryka
  • GIZ
  • SLoboda Studio
  • European Commission Delegation in Ukraine
  • The International Non-Governmental Organization "Freedom House Ukraine"
  • DFID - Department for International Development
  • Rotary Club Offenbach-Dreieich, Deutschland
  • Regional Mission of the U.S. Agency for International Development
  • Swiss Foundation for Cooperation
  • Charitable Foundation "Creative Centre CCC"
  • United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine
  • Hypermarket Praktiker - Makeevka
  • Donetsk City Charitable Foundation "Kindness"
  • Rinat Akhmetov fund, "Development of Ukraine"
  • 1-A class, Makeyevka's City Lyceum
  • Donetsk Press Club
  • Shop "Orange" (Makeevka)
  • Fifth independent state fire department (Makeevka)
  • Children and teachers of school № 80 (Khanzhenkova)
  • "ADVANCE" foreighn languages courses (Donetsk)


  • Robert and Olga Czerwinski (Austria) 
  • Rudy and Rosalia Eichinger (Austria)
  • Birgit Klausser (Austria)
  • Sven Rath  and Uwe Plaul (Praktiker)
  • Elena Prokhorova (Ukraine)
  • Hanna Ruhs and Martina (Germany)
  • Hagen Kriesing (Germany)
  • Matthias Uleman (Germany)
  • Beate (Germany)
  • Magdalena Bautista (Poland, Mexico)
  • Lika van Gorp (Holland)
  • Paul Obod (Kharkiv)
  • Herbert Rozensting (Austria)