20 December 2019, 11:20

Horizontal` - we opened coffee shop!

Horizontal Café was born at the intersection of the need to finance social programs and the idea of developing modern cultural spaces, urban culture. We are opening a coffee shop and the profit of which will be diverted 100% for operation of the social hostel in Orlsvschina village . Each café visitor will get delicious togo food, and also will help in support to a specific woman with a baby in need, thus helping child grow up in a family than in a boarding school. And the money the community has brought to the coffee shop is being returned to the community through social services.
On the other hand, we will develop ideas of conscious consumption, reuse, consumption of natural, fresh, quality products.
The cafe is located in Dnipro, Olesya Honchara street, 8 in a small, light and cozy room. Everything there is - design, repair, furniture, products - is the result of the work of activists and indifferent volunteers. We will try to be as responsible as possible in the use of natural resources. At the same time, we want so much to create not another catering establishment but the space that will facilitate the development of the city, will become a meeting place for different cultures, people, authentic dishes, in addition, it will look simple and beautiful.