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Our inspirations

In the given material, we deliver the words of two humanists, who devoted their lifes to the serving to unfortunate children.

We´d be glad, if they would inspire and affect you, how they affected and inspired us.


Bill Wilson

The founder of the international bus ministry „Metro“, sunday school programm, USA

„I stand for the children, that nobody loves, with whom nobody wishes to be around. I stand for the teenage girl, that became pregnant and didn´t marry. I stand for the mother, that has five children and all from different fathers. Even if there´s just a little coal glimming, God, don´t let this fire go


I draw the attention of teachers, pastors, politicians, and parents: Wake up! We can´t ignore any longer, what is happening to our children. Why do we estimate the new BMW at $ 40.000, but the child, that doesn´t meet our standards, at no value at all? We can´t permit to draw them off.

Many years running, I heard complaints from christians, how hard it was to reach young people. But this is what I see over and over again: It´s easy to reach young people within a positive, loving relation.. If in the education of our children won´t take place a magnisificant, revolutionary change, the country will break down from the inside. And this won´t be a result of an economical crisis, but of an ethnical decline...“

(Quote taken out of the book „Who´s child is this?“, 1992, by Bill Wilson)


Janusz Korczak

A pedagogue and humanist of the 20th century

A person, that gave away his life for the education of orphaned children, who lost his life together with these children in a gas chamber of a concentration camp



„Is the earth greatful to the sun for shining on it? Is the tree greatful to the seed that it grew out of?

Does the nightingale sing to his mother thanking her that she used to keep him warm with her breast feathers? Do you make a gift to your child of everything which you have received from your parents, or do you only lend it to him in order to take it back, again, writing everything down carefully and calculating the amount of interest due? Is love a favor, for which you demend remuneration?“

(Quote taken out of the book „Loving every child“, 1920´s, Janusz Korczak)


The prayer of an educator

I don´t offer up long prayers, o Lord. I don´t send You innumerable sighs. I don´t bow too far. I don´t bring wealthy sacrifices for Your glory and praise. I don´t aspire to steal in Your favour. I don´t ask for Your honor. My thoughts don´t have wings, which could lift up my songs to the sky. My

words aren´t neither highly coloured nor fragrant – and not variegated. I am tired, worn out. My eyes have grown dim, my back has bent under the burden of concern. And still, I turn to You, o Lord, with a request of the heart. For I have a jewel, that I don´t want to entrust to the brother – a human being. I am afraid, that he doesn´t understand, doesn´t speak with

feelings, afraid, he will despise and laugh about me. Before You, I´ve always been humble out of meekness, but in this request of mine, I will be uncompromising. I always speak with You in a quiet whisper, but this request of mine, I will express inexorable. I direct my imperious glance to the sky. I straighten my back and demand – for I don´t demand for myself.

Give the children a life, help, bless their efforts. Arrange not easy, but wonderful ways for them. And as a proof of this request, accept my only treasure: grief. Grief and work.


The prayer of a mother

I bend over you, my dear child. Why are you so precious to me? I know, you´re similar to thousand others, but I believe, I believe imperturbably, that you´re the only one. And even if not visible - I experience you by your voice, and not hearing, I experience you by your lips, that suck at my breasts. I understand you without words. You don´t bring out a single sound, you just look imploringly, and I awake, directly, even, if I slept deeply. My child, you´re the true sense of my life, my angst-ridden memory, my affectionate anxiety and deep grief, you´re my hope and support.

Be advantaged of luck, dear child. Lord, excuse me for I don´t send for You. And when I say a prayer, then because I´m afraid, You could be jealous and because of this, discriminate against my child. I am even afraid to entrust my

child to You, however, it happens, that You take away a child from its mother, and the mother away from her child. Why do You do that? It´s not criticism, just a question. Exuse me, Lord, that I have more love for my child than for You. But I am the one who gave birth to it. You´re not alone the one who created it. The two of us have the responsibility for it. The two

of us are guilty for that the child already suffered, right when it was born. And the both of us have to take care for it. It suffers – it cries.

Lord, I truly love my little one. But is it possible, that I love You inside of it? Because you exist. You exist in this little baby, Lord, Your giant secret.

I don´t believe, that there´s sin: If there was sin, my love also was sinful. But can the love of a mother to its child in any way be sinful?

It´s not the pain, that catches me, I know, there´s a lot of it. It´s not the tears, that catch me, I know, there´re many, many. It doesn´t catch me – I´m not pretending. Only your tears and your smile, child – that´s my affectionate sorrow.  My dolce chains out of jasmine and stars, blossom of forgivness, my joyful dream from expiation, sunny belief, gentle hope, pink cloud, trill of the lark. Lord, give my little child luck for that I don´t regret, that I gave birth to it. Honestly, I don´t know, what kind of luck, but You know, have to know it. So give it to the child! I bend over you, my dear child, I deeply beg for your luck. Do you see that, do you understand, do

you receive and use that? Answer! Answer with a facile vibration, answer with a little movement of your hands, give a sign, that nobody understands besides the both of us - God and me, your mother.

Say, that you won´t be mad at life and won´t be mad at me, speak, little child, say a sincere prayer.


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