08 October 2014, 09:38

15 years of warmth and protection for children!

15 years to MARTIN-club! 

We celebrate this date during the war. All these years, our organization gave heart, time, hard work for the benefit of children deprived of family warmth. We have been evolved because we started from orphanage in 1999 and came to the idea of assisting the child and family. Because nothing is more important than mom and dad. Now, where is war, we have 3 working social houses. There remained mothers and children who are undocumented. There remained teachers who could not go, because can not leave their elderly. There's hundreds of insolvent families and motionless grandparents whom MARTIN-club is helping to survive the hard times and not starve. But half of the team and shelter "Little Mama" went from the territory of trouble. We plan to buy another house that could take and help the child and save valuable - mother. And then another and another. Because we know thousands of those who in need of family environment and has right on it. The life of our organization is not buildings - but people. While we are alive, our mission also lives. We have not lost our world, because the world - is ours. The main idea of our help to weaker was activity and strength of stronger. Ahead is winter, and we are starting to build again, because built all entire life. New Ukraine - honest, direct, generous. And one in which children - the most precious value to people.

Next 15 days, we will tell you about each year of life of our organization! 
Thanks to everyone, who put a piece of themselves in MARTIN club!