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Настоящий подарок к Рождеству
Виктория Федотова психолог, руководитель ГО МАРТИН-клуб Вот уже вторую неделю мы наблюдаем волонтерскую активность: в преддверии Рождества каждый нормальный человек хочет помочь ближнему...
Героиня публикации "ФАКТОВ", которую в 13-летнем возрасте спасли от голодной смерти, вышла замуж
Елена СМИРНОВА, «ФАКТЫ» (Донецк)


House and social work "Kalinovo bridge"
Restoration of mental and physical forces, rehabilitation of people injured by war, who are in difficult living conditions, or simply exhausted by urban rhythm, against the backdrop of scenic...
Social space "Kangaroo"
The social space"Kangaroo" is an apartment in which live up to 3 mothers with children in difficult life circumstances. We support them with housing, food and social services. We...
Social house "Mitten"+sewing, lessons, sport projects
Children rights - a service for immigrants with children. Today, four mother and five children got new beds. Amenities of the human rights provided for those who find it difficult to live on their...

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