Social house "Mitten"+sewing, lessons, sport projects

Children rights - a service for immigrants with children. Today, four mother and five children got new beds. Amenities of the human rights provided for those who find it difficult to live on their own, not only because of its features
(All mothers in the gloves have a disability), but also because in 2014 in their home came the war. Mitten took two moms from Makeyevka, one of Debaltsevo and one of the landmark. Two children were born in the Dnipropetrovsk region, they are indigenous dnepryane. In 2016 "Mitten" will help 20 more families who connect their lives to the village community of Dnepropetrovsk region.
Financed by HamecoAgro and Julenka e.V.
Within the house we realize three another projects financed by Julenka e.V.
- pedagogical lessons for children
- sport playground for teenagers of the village in which the house is situated.
- sewing room for women to gain new skills