Project "Social farm"

November 3. 12:30 - the starting point of a new stage in the life of NGO 'M.ART.IN club". It is the beginning of development of a new direction in the work of the NGO, called ergotherapy. You will ask why? - Because the organization finally got something, what for a long time it could only dream about - FARM, which will become the 3th rehabilitation center of "M.ART.IN club".

The idea of ​​establishing farms, which would give an opportunity to improve nutrition for children and young people, who live in the "Children's Village", and to give the opportunity to realize the ambitious plan for the organization of labor education of children, was an old dream of the M.ART.IN-club's president Victoria Fedotova.
- We have already tried to teach children to work. All inhabitants of "Children's Village" withput problems can do any home work. Even small kids know how to cook soup and bake bread. Children are fully serve themselves. Of course, there are adults in the house to help, but the work of caretaker/educators is to teach and not to do anything for the child. Last years, the "Children's Village" has matured considerablyThe house has a lot of teenagers of 14-18 years old, for which simple household chores - is"too little drive". To do not let the children be bored, to give them space for personal growth, we have planned to organize for them something like farm - a place where they could work, create something with their own hands - says Victoria Fedotova.
The plan of the organization is not only treatment of 10 ares of land in a beautiful location on the outskirts of Makeyevka, but also an attempt to involve youth in animal husbandry. Kids in the "Children's Village" already have an experience of caring for chickens and goats. This time it could be one or a couple of cows or birds again.
For our two rehabilitation centers "Children's Village" and social house for single teenage moms with babies - this projekt can become not only a source of high-quality "home" products. It can also give people, who live there, the opportunity to learn how to work on the land. In the future, for many of these children and young people this experience can be very useful, - shares plans Victoria Fedotova.
Today more than 20 clients of organization live in the "Children's Villageand in the social house "Little mom". This are mainly young people from 14 to 20 years old. Among them are also babies. There are some adult clients who nevertheless need social support.
One year ago, the average number of clients of rehabilitation centers was about 9-12 children. Since the beginning of the project "Network of children rights protection centers", the number of clients has soared. Today, in spite of stable funding, it is increasingly difficult to provide decent living conditions in the centers. Food, the cost for treatment and prevention, maintenance, reconstruction of the buildings - is all needs resources. Thus, the ability to ensure centers with "own food" will help clients to improve their diet and to enrich it with proteins, which become every day more and more expensive.
- The experience of our partners - the shelter of the REMA-church - shows, how difficult it is to motivate our clients to care about anyone or anything. Number one task is to teach them at least to serve themselves. But we are confidentthat with proper organization of work, our farm will be able to give a good harvest. It's not just about potatoes or milk. The most valuable crop is the experience, which will make our children more resilient, strong and hardworking - says the caretaker of the "Children'sVillageLarissa Sivekina.