Coffee shop support "Horizontal"

Social enterprises - coffee shop "Horizontal" and bakery "MAMA1" were created by the NGO "MARTIN-club" to support the operation of the hostel for women and children who suffer from violence and to provide coffee shop services to the residents of Dnipro. women with children and citizens with limited mobility who currently live in the hostel "Rukavychka" GO MARTIN-club.

Tasks of the project:
1. Purchase and installation of equipment for a coffee shop
2. Non-stop work of the coffee shop and baking of confectionery products
3. Support of the "Rukavychka" shelter, where the MAMA1 bakery works



Support was provided within the framework of the Rapid Response Grant Program for Social Enterprises, implemented by the Ukrainian Social Venture Fund and SILab Ukraine.
The program was made possible thanks to the Collaborate for Impact project, which is implemented in partnership with EVPA with the support of DG NEAR EU Programme.


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