02 September 2013, 11:11

Summer is ended

It was a wonderful summer. Full of entertainment and fun for our children.

Great team of children and employees we were on our vacation home where цуку swimming a lot. And between bathing children could take part in entertainment and sports program. And also spend unforgettable evenings at disco. Several times during the summer camp  children were visited  by our traditional "shop". Where they could for the local currency - the "Martinka" buy sweets and much more. This money were earned by work and sport achievements.
Few our guys had a wonderful time in the Crimea in the camp of Pilgrim - our friends and partners.
Just over the summer we had entertaining  days when all children took part in different activities.
Ended this summer by the Day of Makeyevka city - when all the Children's Village went to the park and could jump on the trampoline enough.