27 September 2016, 07:03

"Kangaroo" jump - out of the crisis to the autonomy

In the Dnieper opened social apartment for single moms called space adaptation "Kangaroo". Women who ask for help in a public organization "Martin Club" and requiring minimal support, can live together in a rented apartment, and support each other in everyday matters. In the future, the opening of several similar apartments. Two years earlier, the organization opened a shelter in the village Orlovschina "Glove", which provides a wide range of social services for families with children crisis. "Kangaroo" - this is another step towards the independence of clients of social organization.
Natasha key opens the door apartment in the Shevchenko district of the Dnieper. In the hands of sitting Svyatik year-old, behind a backpack with food from a nearby store. Mom and Baby come back from a walk in the yard. Nap time. On the side there is nothing remarkable in this pair. The sleeping area, the usual two-bedroom apartment in a high-rise, a young mother and baby rosy - picture is quite trivial.

Entering the hall, Natasha looks around as if looking for someone to look. The silence in the apartment it seems unusual. They live here with my son recently. But sad and bored once - Svyatik starts to act up and need to run to wash your hands and cook soup.

Natasha is no stranger to care for babies, it is how many can remember, always someone nursed. Almost from the age when they stopped to nurse herself. But for her son - that's the meaning of life. Taking care of it right now - the main thing. Svyatik - the only native people to her. Natasha - an orphan. She had never seen his parents and practically knows nothing about them. She was left in the hospital immediately after birth, and all attempts through the years to find his relatives were unsuccessful. Natasha tried very hard, but, apparently, not fate.
Fate generally played with her in a strange game. First, the betrayal of the parents, then the home of disabled children where the girl got either by mistake, or for medical malpractice with frivolous diagnosis. In this strange and uncomfortable place among the seriously and terminally ill children Natasha lived up to 28 years. Healthy, clever and sympathetic girl around helping the orphanage staff, for which he has won them sympathy and respect. Despite this, none of the doctors and caregivers did not think to give her a chance at a future grade. Years passed, and Natasha lived deprived of the right to development, education, and independent living. When she was 25, she accidentally hit the lens of television journalists, making it a boarding school to do the story. They have long wondered how learning disabilities among children with complex diagnoses was physically strong and not the underdog intellect girl that evening independently develops literacy and numeracy. Later fate Natasha worried employees of public organizations. "Martin Club" provedyvat boarding pupils for many years, and, of course, Natasha have noticed for a long time. But over time, the usual chat turned into friendship and frankness girl allowed herself - she admitted that she wants to leave the residential walls, that wants to learn and ready to start fighting for their rights. The saga of her expulsion lasted more than a year. In this battle, I had to use all the cards: the authority to connect the organization with 10 years of experience in social assistance, contacts in government, take the help of a professional lawyer. Unfortunately, without this "heavy artillery" Natasha would have waited for life "at full gosobespechenii" was said to her guardian, in the walls of the nursing home - the fate that befell almost all her girlfriends boarding.
The first thing that Natasha did, once free - has received an external education - two years 28-year-old woman graduated 11 classes. Her new life can not be called a fairy - a normal life, which flowed into the walls of the "Children's Village" - a shelter open, "Martin Club" Makeyevka. The house is located in the private sector of post-industrial town - not a fairy-tale palace, but here Natasha could live a full life: to decide what to cook for dinner, what clothes to wear, where to go tomorrow to visit and things to do in his spare time. The girl began to read a lot, she wanted to continue their studies or go to work, but on the way there was another obstacle - the "non-operating" II-I group disability - a gift made by doctors she was a child. While Natasha decides how to circumvent this obstacle, she was offered to earn a junior teacher in the "Children's Village". For her, it was a great joy - an interesting exercise, and self-actualization. Then she learned how to handle babies - babies who got together with their mothers in a shelter.
In 2014 Natasha along with most of the inhabitants of the "Children's Village" and part of the team, "Martin Club" left the occupied Makeyevka in the Dnipropetrovsk region. The war has forced many inhabitants of the Crimea and Donbas to leave their homes. But over time, Natasha has a new home - a shelter "Mitten" in Orlovschina village that under Novomoskovsk. First, it settled "their" - women with children who moved with "Martin Club" with Donbass. Over time, it began to appear local client. In less than two years, a new shelter grew, filled with adults and young people.

Соседки из правозащитного отеля "Рукавичка" провожают Наташу и Святика

Natasha's fate has made a new rapid turnaround. After moving to Dnipropetrovsk, 30-year-old Natasha got a lot of new friends. One of them sunk into the soul, and even made an offer. Natasha was very happy that finally appeared in her life a man, which means - a chance for your family, children and ordinary women's happiness. Alas, soon there was disappointment. Beloved was not ready to take responsibility. At that time, Natasha is already expecting a child. Returning to the shelter was the only way out.
Natasha was a wonderful mom. The woman never knowing maternal affection, poured on his crumbs all that unspent love that for years she had no one to give. Strong, active and cheerful Svyatik ahead of their peers in development, pleased mom and fall in love with the whole team, "Martin Club." At some point, it is understood that the lack of housing - at this stage the only problem with this little family. And then the idea was born - Natasha, like many women, who find themselves on the threshold of the shelter "Glove" has or does not need the help of a social worker and care. All they need - to help with the search and rental housing and be connected to the case.
The apartment, which has moved Natasha a few days ago - a spacious, three large rooms, and is located in a good location: near a kindergarten, school, shops, convenient transportation. Over time, Natasha will be two more neighbors. This, of course, will create some discomfort - will have to adjust to sharing a life, it would be noisy, but at the same time it will give single mothers the opportunity to support each other, as a minimum, be divided into three expenses.
- We hope that the participation of the organization in the life of "Kangaroo" inmates adaptation space will be minimal. We are ready to provide the social worker-supervisor for women, who can advise them on legal, psychological, domestic issues, will help them to establish contact with the outside world. Also, we are willing to pay fully or partially housing and food for as long as mother and baby will not own means of subsistence. However, we hope that over time, women will move to self-financing. Perhaps one of them will be ready to go to work until the neighbor will keep an eye on the baby, those with older children will be able to drive the child to the kindergarten. If the experience of the first run of this apartment will be successful, and such service will be in demand, we can animate it and organize similar space and mutual adaptation in the quantities in which it is needed. Why "Kangaroo"? - Because my mother, who lived with us in the "gloves" are mostly not able to survive on their own, one of our children has special needs, it needs constant support and is unlikely to be able without help to care for her child, who is not can cope with their psychological state, someone has absolutely no means of livelihood - the head of the NGO "Martin club" Victoria Fedotova - the image of a kangaroo - a way of caring mother, who, seated her baby in a bag, goes to an independent life, which is ready for it and not afraid of difficulties.

Выписка Наташи и Святика из роддома

At the moment, it is financing a project German public initiative «Julenkae.V.». All the participants in the different periods came to the shelter, "Martin Club" in Makeyevka with volunteer projects. After several years of organizing German friends we found each other at home and decided to continue to assist the Ukrainian youth in the distance. Thanks to their help, made possible the opening of a shelter "Mitten" after moving from the occupied territory, today, in addition to the "Kangaroo", they also fund the work of the teacher, who deals with kids, living in the "mitten".
- We know that the economic situation in Ukraine is rapidly deteriorating because of the war and the general economic downturn. Category of people who already struggle to survive in this time run the risk of falling into poverty. We have seen such mothers with children at the orphanage "Children's Village" in Makeyevka. In anticipation of the approaching winter, we hasten to help those who have nowhere else to go for help, and we hope that our assistance will not be in vain. I would like to eventually moms and their kids, who will take advantage of using the "Martin Club", able to please us happy stories and stories about their successes - says Mathias Ulemann arguments, one of the German volunteers.
Time will tell how effective will this technology in action. Today, we can only wish "Kangaroo" smaller obstacles in the way. Two rooms in the new apartment Natasha empty and waiting for another sleeping. Social workers connected and ready to help.