15 December 2011, 06:19

Hidden orphanhood: how Mariupol's officials made the child an orphan

December 14 Mariupol service for children orphaned by Sasha polutoragodovalogo Pisarchuk, refusing to return his mother's child from the center of the state guardianship. The child's mother Alexandra Pisarchuk appealed to officials for help: the woman has lost passport, being at work in Russia. Officials did Alexander, found themselves in difficult situations, standard offer - give the child time to the center of care, while solve your problems with the documents, get a job and take off housing.During the period that the state gives her mother to solve problems, 3 months, she arranged the way of life, regularly visited the child in an institution. But the problem with the restoration of the passport was difficult to rest - sending Alexander from office to office, staff and services have not thought about implementing the law on social assistance - for real support from the chair no one stood up. Continuing to be nelegalkoy, now in their own country, Alexander took a sip of a new disaster: despite the positive developments in the situation, government officials do not believe a woman with a lost passport, worthy to be a mother to her child. This was an argument for refusing to return a child of the mother. Alexandra did not understand why she is not deprived of parental rights, not drinking, working, do not give her child. Head of Service for Children Zhovtnevyi Mariupol district Oleg Enin before making a decision never went to the residence of Alexandra to a survey of housing conditions and study the situation. All conclusions about the viability and potential of the parent A. Pisarchuk Committee of guardianship have been made based on their subjective perceptions of single mothers. Despite the petition Charitable Fund "Pilgrim" and Judicial Child Network of Donbass in charge of the family and provide regular support Pisarchuk Alexander, the state represented by Mariupol services for children does not trust her mother's upbringing of his son.

The number of orphans in Ukraine is growing steadily. Independent experts are inclined to believe poor performance bureaucrats factor that triggers the growth of hidden orphanage in Ukraine. The case of Alexandra and little Sasha - one of thousands of repetitive crimes against officials of childhood.

Comment lawyer

"With the deprivation of parental rights commission haste - in Ukraine is not so easy to take the child from their parents - lawyer commented Sania Gizatova. - Termination of parental rights - this is an extreme measure of family and legal issues. Divestment can happen for a reason 6 - If the child is taken away from the hospital, if the parents willfully and knowingly shirk their parental responsibilities if the parents use violence against a child or exploit it, if the parents are chronic alcoholics or drug addicts, and if they have been convicted of a crime against a child. Nothing in the law would not apply to this situation. Circumstances that apply to the family at the moment - it is a social disorder and poverty, which is not the avoidance of parenthood. You also need to pay attention to what rights are being violated Alexandra, in accordance with the Family Code of Ukraine have the right of parents to raise children. In addition, in accordance with the Model Regulations on the child's home, and return the child to the family of a parent is enough to write the application, no additional procedures are required. Temporary placement of the child to the state agency was required to overcome temporary difficulties and has been applied in the interests of the child, after overcoming these difficulties the mother has every right to pick up the child.

In this situation it is also grossly violated the rights of the Child, the Convention on the Rights of the Child prohibits separate from parents, except when it's done in his interest.